Smiths Connectors is now Smiths Interconnect


MarketID in (1,4,6,9,11,12)
  • High density up to 1000 signal; 0.60mm contacts
  • Modularity mixed signal, power and coaxial contacts
  • Metallic shell with cable clamp from 12 to 25mm
  • 5000 mating cylces with threaded jackscrew, 15000 with 1/2 turn jackscrew

The Smiths Connectors H series is high density rectangular modular solution offering a combination of signal, power and coaxial contacts. The connector is ideal for test applications for the Automotive, Railway, Defense, Space & Industrial markets. 

To meet the specific requirements of harsh environments, the H connector series is equipped with an EMI shielded housing shell featuring with both centered and 1/1 turn jackscrew extractor and guiding and coding functions to ensure reliable mating.   

The H connector range benefits from a high contact density up to 1000 0.6mm removable contacts. Using the Hypertac® hyperboloid contact technology, the solution ensures high resistance to shock and vibration, while allowing up to 15000 mating cycles and high current rating up to 50A. 


Contact Positions 1 to 1000
Contact Termination Straight TBS, Crimp, Solder Cup, Wrap
Nominal Pin Dia 0.4 to 3.5
Contact Diameter 0.4mm to 3.5mm
Contact Resistance up to 8 mΩ 
Current Rating up to 50A
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage  up to 60000V
Insulation Resistance up to > 5 x 103 mΩ
Mating/Unmating Force up to 2500gr/contact
Temperature Range -55°C +125°C
All specifications are subject to change without notice