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December 3, 2014

To: Smith Connectors Customers (Hypertac, Sabritec and IDI brands)
RE: Conflict Materials update

To whom it may concern,

Smiths Connectors is aware of the concerns and has verified with all of our chemical suppliers and to the best of our knowledge, Smiths Connectors is not purchasing: surrounding the possible use of conflict metal in electronic products. With the recent legislation in Washington, the Dodd-Frank Act, Section 1502, requires disclosure of the use of conflict metals defines as gold (AU), Tantalum (Ta). Tin (Sn) and tungsten 0N) derived from ores which have been mined in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) or adjoining countries. Smiths Connectors currently does not utilize tungsten in their products.

Smiths Connectors does not perform Plating or buy Gold directly in the form of Salts or Solids. Smiths Connectors is further down in the supply chain and buys gold plating services as required by the various specifications.

The vast majority of the gold bullion used for our gold bearing products supplied to Smiths Connectors comes either from the Royal Canadian Mint or gold mines in Central and South America (Caridad- Mexican mining company; Codelco- Chilean mining company) or recycled material. The Royal Canadian Mint primarily processes gold mined in Canada as well as refining scrap generated in North and South America. The remaining low percentage originates exclusively from domestic United States refineries (Johnson Matthey, Sabin, Metalor).

While it is impossible to know with 100 percent certainty the origin of all the materials processed by the Royal Canadian Mint, our sources believe the chances are highly remote that conflict gold is being processed. All of the above named sources are highly professional with impeccable reputations in the precious metal industry.

We believe that our policies, sourcing strategies and the integrity of our suppliers make it highly unlikely that any material processed by Smiths Connectors (for Hypertac, Sabritec and IDI brands) originates in a conflict region.

If you have any further questions, please contact Doug McCormack at 978-758-4625 or e-mail at