Smiths Connectors is now Smiths Interconnect


  • Smiths Connectors uses monolithic capacitor arrays, the most reliable method of EMI/RFI filtering
  • A single capacitor array can provide multiple capacitance values
  • Most space efficient method of packaging EMI/RFI and EMP transient protection
  • Connector shell protects capacitor array & diodes from environmental, mechanical and thermal damage
  • Transient voltage suppressors (transorbs) integrated into the connector offer EMP transient protection to sensitive circuitry.
  • JANTX level or equivalent diode reliability screening is available
  • System weight is reduced by integrating the filters and diodes into the connector Modular design techniques reduce the overall package size improves maintainability
  • Tested and documented using automatic test equipment
Filter Connector Cross Section

Advantages of Filtered EMP connectors with Transient Protection and EMI Suppression

  • Transient protection can be combined with EMI filtering if required Standard “catalog” diodes are used instead of low wattage chip diodes susceptible to failure
  • Mixture of diode parameters varying power, voltage and polarity within the same connector
  • Diodes can be removed and replaced without disassembly of the connector
  • Transient protection is located at the interface of the system
  • Separable diode and filter modules are more easily repaired Diodes and filters are protected by the shell reducing environmental/mechanical damage
  • System retrofit to EMP/EMI is compatible with unprotected connector